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For example, High(Byte) returns 255 because the highest value of type Byte is 255, and Succ(2) returns 3 because 3 is the successor of 2. The standard procedures Inc and Dec increment and decrement the value of an ordinal variable. For example, Inc(I) is equivalent to I := Succ(I) and, if I is an integer variable, to I := I + 1. Integer types An integer type represents a subset of the whole numbers. The generic integer types are Integer and Cardinal; use these whenever possible, since they result in the best performance for the underlying CPU and operating system.

The operators = and <> can take operands of class and class-reference types. With operands of a class type, = and <> are evaluated according the rules that apply to pointers: C = D is True just in case C and D point to the same instance object, and C <> D is True otherwise. With operands of a class-reference type, C = D is True just in case C and D denote the same class, and C <> D is True otherwise. For more information about classes, see Chapter 7, “Classes and objects”. Class operators The operators as and is take classes and instance objects as operands; as operates on interfaces as well.

Identifier2 where identifier1 qualifies identifier2. CurrentValue Qualifiers can be iterated. Click calls the Click method in Button1 of Form1. 4-2 Object Pascal Language Guide Fundamental syntactic elements If you don’t qualify an identifier, its interpretation is determined by the rules of scope described in “Blocks and scope” on page 4-27. Reserved words The following reserved words cannot be redefined or used as identifiers. 1, private, protected, public, published, and automated act as reserved words within object type declarations, but are otherwise treated as directives.

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