By Jean Burnet

In this learn of the issues of social association in a rural group of Alberta, a drought-afflicted wheat-growing region centring around the city of Hanna is defined because it looked as if it would the sociologist in 1946.

Dr Burnet examines geographical and fiscal stipulations in Hanna, and exhibits how farming practices, methods of dwelling, and modes of tenure introduced into the realm from extra humid areas proved in poor health tailored to the dry belt and not on time financial adjustment. In flip, the problems within the realm of economics had adversarial social and cultural outcomes in either the families and the group as a whole.

The Hanna zone used to be selected for research, although no longer altogether commonplace, since it published extra essentially than different parts now not so seriously hit through the drought of the Thirties the type of disturbances in the Alberta social constitution which made attainable the increase of the Social credits movement.

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Annett, Especially Babe, passim. Q Hanna Herald, Sept. 19, 1935. 10 Cf. K. Strange, With the West in Her Eyes, p. 228. THE R U R A L H O U S E H O L D 21 along the highway have a fine appearance. They are almost all frame buildings, large enough for a family of five or six. Some are one and a half storeys high, some two or two and a half. They are in good repair, neat and well painted. Often they have a generator for electric power and a windmill. Flower gardens are near the houses, and trees border the roads leading to the highway.

Some supplies were distributed to all residents, whether on relief or not, but in many districts 90 per cent or even 100 per cent of the population were on government relief. The relief supplies, however, were both insufficient and badly distributed. They were given out from town and village 4 A district nurse expressed the opinion that the water might be casally related to acne and appendicitis, which are very prevalent in the area. 5 Hanna Herald, June 5, 1913. 20 NEXT-YEAR COUNTRY centres, either by residents or by special officers not fully acquainted with the rural situation.

M. Maclnnes said of a region settled earlier than Hanna: "Surely few things can be more overpowering for a stranger than the immensity of the prairie, when for miles in all directions there is nothing to be seen but an unending succession of lonely hills or a flat expanse of plain. The settler's loneliness is increased by the fact that he can see, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that he is absolutely alone, a certainty which the backwoodsman, surrounded by the forest, never has. The little shack that has been built with such labour, sinks into insignificance in that vast ocean of emptiness, and its builder realises his puniness as he has never realised it before.

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