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While ornament turns into a first-rate strategy of inside layout and we now have a better call for in the direction of the psychological delight in inside areas, which hence have long gone past natural performance and luxury, the hot artwork Deco is able to be successful in inside layout. It quick turns into the most important avantgarde type of smooth inside design.This booklet introduces artwork Deco with gorgeous snap shots in five sections:New artwork Deco in Designers' EyesArt DecoMix & MatchEastern ClassicismNew Baroque

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The transitional period from handicraft to industrialisation has witnessed the rising of Art Deco, which therefore acquired the dual characteristics of traditional decoration and modern design. Art Deco is completely different from the natural decoration style of Arts and Crafts Movement or the retro style recalling the Middle Ages. Instead, it criticises the monotonous industrialised style, acting as a link between Art Nouveau Movement and modernism. Art Deco装饰风格的兴起,处于手工业与工业化的过渡时期,呈现出注重传统装饰与现代造 型设计的双重性。它既反对工艺美术运动的自然装饰、中世纪复古,也批评单调的工业化风 格,是新艺术运动和现代主义间的一种衔接。 As a decoration style, Art Deco integrates ornamentation and function into one in which designers could freely apply new materials and technologies to achieve a highly decorative space.

Aesthetic principles such as repetition, symmetry and gradient are adopted to create highly poetic and decorative spaces with seemingly simple lines. Such geometric patterns are extensively used in furniture design. An abstract pattern could express a certain peculiarity; an exaggerated configuration could retain the sumptuous style while keeping an intense modern air. Materials contribute to the decorative effects of Art Deco. Stone, wood, metal, and the like. are commonly used, especially on walls, furnishings and furniture details.

042 椅子是会客室或者餐厅空间当中的装饰之一。椅子的造型设计,同样能够 赋予空间浓重的Art Deco装饰意味。 The sofa and the chest are no longer simple furnishings when put together in a particular way, effectively completing an Art Deco style space. 原本普通的沙发和箱子巧妙地设计在一起,构成空间的装饰元素,充分体 现出Art Deco的风格特征。 New Art Deco Style 043 The geometric furnishings would bring intense visual effects, immediately recalling industrial products. Meanwhile, they dramatically endow the space with an Art Deco atmosphere. 纯粹的几何形体的家具造型设计,能够给视 觉上带来冲击,使人们马上联想到工业产 品;同时其赋予空间更多的却是浓浓的装饰 意味。 044 In the picture below, the coffee table composed of a slender metallic frame and a transparent glass panel becomes the focal point in the context.

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