By Heinrich Robert Zimmer

This publication translates for the Western brain the major motifs of India's legend, delusion, and folklore, taken at once from the Sanskrit, and illustrated with seventy plates of Indian paintings. it truly is basically an advent to image-thinking and picture-reading in Indian artwork and notion, and it seeks to make the profound Hindu and Buddhist intuitions of the riddles of existence and dying recognizable now not simply as Oriental yet as common elements.

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To shield myself from sun and rain I carry over my head this parasol of grass. “As to the circle of hair on my chest, it is a source of grief to the children of the world. Nevertheless, it teaches wisdom. With the fall of an Indra, one hair drops. That is why, in the center all the hairs have gone. When the other half of the period allotted to the present Brahmā will have expired, I myself shall die. O Brahmin Boy, it follows that I am somewhat short of days: what, therefore, is the use of a wife and a son, or of a house?

See p. 70. 11. Sacrificial goblet of King Gudea of Lagash, showing twined serpents and bird-monsters as door guardians; Sumer, c. C. ) See p. 73. 12. D. ) See p. 79. 13. D. ) See p. 77. 14. Krishna (Vishnu) conquering the Serpent Prince, Kāliya; Rājput painting, Kāngrā, late XVIII century. ) See p. 85. 15. C. See pp. 92, 103. 16. C. See p. 92. 17. D. ) See p. 110. 18. D. ) See p. 97. 19. C. (Indian Museum, Calcutta. ) See pp. 69, 70. 20. Prajñāpāramitā; Java, c. ) See p. 98. 21–23. C. ) See p. 94.

See pp. 128, 130. 31. D. See p. 131. 32. Shiva-trinity and Host; Parel (near Bombay), c. D. ) See p. 132. 33. D. See pp. 148 ff. 34. D. ) See pp. 137, 182, 197. 35. D. ) See p. 146. 36. Shrī-Yantra; (Woodroffe). See pp. 140 ff. 37. D. ) See p. 144. 38. D. ) See pp. 152 ff. 39. D. ) See p. 172. 40. D. ) See p. 174, 41. C. ) See p. 168. 42. C. ) See p. 168. 43. C. ) See p. 169. 44. D. See p. 160. 45. D. See p. 160. 46. The Festival of the Hair-Tuft Relic in Indra’s Paradise; detail of railing pillar from Bhārhut, c.

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