By S. Hussain Zaidi, Gabriel Khan

5 years after 26/11 - the siege of terror in Mumbai that introduced the rustic to its knees - India nonetheless seeks justice. The terrorists who deliberate it have disappeared into the darkness they emerged from and Mumbai seethes with fury. all of the Indian govt has accomplished is the institution of counter-terrorism committees.

But one guy will cease at not anything in his quest to avenge the dastardly act. Retired Lt Gen. Sayed Ali Waris of the Indian military masterminds a covert venture with a workforce of daredevil brokers: a pointy policeman, a clever tech specialist, a cerebral scientist and battle-hardened military officials. They strike like lightning while they're pursued via the Pakistani military and the ISI, combing via each land and threat in pursuit of the lethal killers. From Sweden to Istanbul, via Dubai, Pakistan and Singapore, they annihilate the perpetrators with single-minded concentration, veiling the deaths as ordinary ones to avoid wasting the Indian govt diplomatic and political embarrassment. The stakes have by no means been higher.

This is a nifty, edge-of-your seat mystery with an complicated plot and jaw-dropping twists. As Waris and his staff navigate untold hazards in the direction of a nail-biting climax, will Mumbai eventually be avenged?

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