By Gary North

This can be half of Gary North's statement on Exodus. It is a dialogue of the 10 Commandments from the purpose of view of financial conception. Gary's dialogue of the sabbath during this ebook supersedes every little thing he has written within the earlier, and no-one who desires to take care of the sabbath factor can come up with the money for to disregard the questions he increases during this e-book. up to now, there was no precise reaction from strict sabbatarians, even supposing the ebook used to be released in 1986.

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The Pharaoh feared their fertility. But their fertility was not sufficient to explain the 600,000 males who departed at the Exodus. There must also have been foreigners who covenanted with the favored Hebrews who lived in the choice land of Goshen. They became Hebrews by circumcision. We can now better understand Moses’ words to the Hebrews: “The L ORD did not set his love upon you, nor choose you, because ye were more in number than any people; for ye were the fewest of people” (Deut. 7:7). Their growth was due primarily to conversions to the faith.

If we subtract 25 from 430 – from the covenant to the birth of Isaac, the promised son of the covenant line – we get 405 years. This is very close to the 400 years of the “affliction” promised in Genesis 15:13-14 and mentioned by Stephen in Acts 7:6. We are now arguing about only five years, from the birth of Isaac to the period in which the captivity “in” Egypt — under E~pt’s domination – began. We are told in Genesis 21 that it was only after Isaac was weaned that Ishmael mocked him – “laughing” in the Hebrew (VV, 8-9).

Synchronism indicated by inscription of this year telling of catastrophe to Israel. Fall of Judah to Babylon In Dynasty XXVI. Date c. C. In Dynasty XXV, Date c. C. Population Growth: Tool of Dominion 17 meaning in 1662 B. ’0 He has provided evidence from Egyptian inscriptions of a famine in this era, and he has even identified the . Pharaoh of this era, Sesostris 1. He thinks that references to a vizier of Sesostris I, Mentuhotep, refer to Joseph. 11 His thesis is simple, though complex in its demonstration: the king lists presented by the conventional sources – Manetho’s, the Turin list, the Sothis list – are in error when they assume that each king’s reign followed another.

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