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In the same manner, you can load ASL files by choosing Load Styles from the flyout menu. Quick Tips 0% fill Whether you’re creating a transparent button, a simple border or anything else that calls for a layer style but not necessarily any layer data, a 0% fill can be extremely useful. Because you’re stripping away only the original layer data, your layer styles will display at their respective opacities — essentially creating an effects-only layer. Smashing eBook Series: #3 | Mastering Photoshop for Web Design | 51 Chapter 3, Layer Styles A 0% fill opens a number of creative possibilities.

Effects”) modify the bounds that define the effects. When they’re both unchecked, any opaque areas of the layer are used to define the bounds. Turning one of these options on removes the mask’s influence on the boundaries and instead hides any effects lying outside of its active area. Smashing eBook Series: #3 | Mastering Photoshop for Web Design | 47 Chapter 3, Layer Styles By default, effects aren’t hidden by layer or vector masks (left). Changing this to Layer Mask Hides Effects (middle) or Vector Mask Hides Effects (right) helps smoothen out strange effects.

The brush will change in size as you scrub back and forth. This is great for when you need a precise size on the fly. Smashing eBook Series: #3 | Mastering Photoshop for Web Design | 55 Chapter 4, Brushes The hardness setting is available only for Photoshop’s round brushes. Setting the hardness as a percentage from 0 to 100 will feather the edges of the brush: 100% is a crisp edge, and 0% is a completely feathered edge from the center of the brush to the circumference. For broad alterations to this setting, use the keyboard shortcuts Shift + ] and Shift + [ to change the values in 25% increments, or hold Command + Option + Control (Control + Alt + Right-click) and drag inside the canvas to change the values and see them take effect as you do it.

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