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Such areas can offer better and more specialised schools, shops, entertainment and other services. Fast road, rail and air communications facilitate travel between cities. They can usually provide a variety of employment opportunities, enabling firms to recruit the different types of labour they require. But conurbations often involve travelling long distances to work within the urban area, putting a heavy stress on the transport system. There are also problems of inner-city decay, with poor housing, inadequate schools, pollution and lack of open spaces.

Ii) The conditions of supply The number of eggs supplied may change even though there has been no alteration in the price. In the spring, for instance, chickens lay more eggs than in winter. 4. 2), during the spring 36,000 were supplied. Or, looked at in another way, 25,000 eggs can be supplied in the spring at 4p each compared with 8p in the winter. When plotted, the revised supply schedule gives a curve S 1 to the right of the old one. Had supply decreased, the new supply curve would have been to the left.

Current wants can only be provided for by current production. An ageing population means that the proportion of workers to consumers is falling. Whereas in 1851 there were over 12 people of working age for every person over 65, in 1991 there were only 4. 6 mn in 2031 with only 3 workers to support each pensioner. This highlights the importance of economic growth. Second, a changing pattern of consumption will result. An ageing population means, to take extreme examples, that wheel chairs will be wanted in place of prams, walking-sticks in place of hockey-sticks, tea in place of milk.

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