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She stabbed him with a razor-sharp letter opener. The blade plunged deeply into King’s chest. King was rushed to a hospital. The surgeons who operated on him found the blade very close to the aorta. The aorta is the largest artery in the body. It was so close that any movement could have killed King. The doctors worked on King for three hours. They removed a rib and his breastbone to get at the blade. Finally it was safely removed. King was saved. 32 MLK Book 9/17/07 C H 1:29 PM A P Page 33 T E R 6 In late 1959 Martin Luther King Jr.

The true legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. lies in how he changed the social fabric of America. When his struggle began there was rampant segregation in the South. African Americans could not freely use public transportation or private and public facilities of any kind. King led a nonviolent movement to erase the blight of racial segregation. 60 MLK Book 9/17/07 1:29 PM Page 61 During his life, he insisted on giving credit to many people. He credited the hundreds and thousands of black and white civil rights workers who made his dream for equality come true.

Then, the bullet drove into his neck. It tore major blood vessels. King’s spinal cord was cut. Martin Luther King Jr. lay on the floor of the balcony. Friends tried desperately to stop the blood pouring from his terrible wounds. No one knew that King’s powerful speech in Memphis would be his last. 56 MLK Book 9/17/07 C H 1:29 PM A P Page 57 T E R 10 An ambulance rushed King to St. Joseph’s Hospital. Paramedics worked on him until they reached the emergency room. There, doctors gave him oxygen and did all they could.

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