By Donna L. Hart, Robert W. Sussman

Guy the Hunted argues that primates, together with the earliest participants of the human relations, have advanced because the prey of any variety of predators, together with wild cats and canine, hyenas, snakes, crocodiles, or even birds. The authors’ reports of predators on monkeys and apes are supplemented right here with the observations of naturalists within the box and revealing interpretations of the fossil checklist. Eyewitness bills of the “man the hunted” drama being performed out even now supply shiny facts of its prehistoric significance.This provocative view of human evolution means that numerous variations that experience allowed our species to survive—from higher brains to speech—stem from a significantly extra susceptible place at the foodstuff chain than we would prefer to think. the parable of early people as fearless hunters dominating the earth obscures our origins as only one of many species that needed to be wary, rely on different workforce participants, speak threat, and are available to phrases with being simply one cog within the advanced cycle of life.The accelerated variation incorporates a new bankruptcy that describes the ever-increasing proof of predation on people and different primates and claims that the earliest people have been neither hunters nor even the entire scavengers that many gurus have claimed.ContentsForeword through Ian Tattersall1. simply one other merchandise at the Menu2. Debunking “Man the Hunter”3. Who’s consuming Whom?4. Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!5. Coursing Hyenas and Hungry Dogs6. Missionary Position7. Terror from the Sky8. We Weren’t simply ready round to be Eaten!9. mild Savage or Bloodthirsty Brute?10. guy the Hunted11. the last word

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The tarsier also moves its head 180 degrees in each direction instead of moving its eyes, just like an owl. Perhaps the most bizarre of the primates is the aye-aye of Madagascar, which has evolved colossal rodent-like gnawing incisors with a consequent dwindling and disappearance of other teeth; in addition the species has one long crooked digit on each front limb that is used to dig out insects from rotted wood, much like a woodpecker’s lifestyle. qxd 5/15/08 10:38 AM Page 42 A selection of representative prosimians: (a) fat-tailed galago; (b) slow loris; (c) sifaka; (d) ringtailed lemur; (e) mouse lemur; (f ) ruffed lemur; (g) aye-aye (not to scale).

Even different methods and approaches toward hunting have been observed in different chimpanzee populations. At Jane Goodall’s field site, Gombe Reserve in Tanzania, the male chimps hunt as lions do—the more individuals involved the greater the success rate, but no coordinated team effort is manifested. 7 Whether hunting could have been the main food-procurement venture for early hominids is also subject to anatomical constraints. We need to look carefully at teeth and digestive systems, the critical parts of human anatomy that lend themselves to answers about early hominid dependence on hunted meat.

The discovery of Toumai was a bit like finding medieval Christian artifacts in the middle of Australia. Fascinating, but how can you reconcile it with traditional theories? And traditional theory had it that Central Africa is a peculiar place to find hominid fossils because it is the “wrong” side of the Rift Valley. The Great Rift Valley, which stretches from Mozambique in the south up through Ethiopia in the north, is a monstrous gash in the East African landscape. ” Before you have time to think what that decorous command may imply, you are hurtling over the edge of the Great Rift Valley on a switchback road that seems to angle downward at 45 degrees.

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