By Bill Capodagli ,Lynn Jackson

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Team-Fly® Ch03_Capodagli 6/12/01 9:41 AM Page 41 AT & T ’s W inning Start-up Solution 41 The New York Times went on: In response to EDS, Richard Roscitt, the chief operating officer of AT&T Solutions, said, “To overreact to our announcement on anyone’s part is irrational. We’re a big customer of EDS as well, and we have no intention of wholesale dismissing EDS from our services. . ” Indeed, far from trying to replicate anyone else’s business model, AT&T Solutions was endeavoring to forge an identity that was unique.

Get All Hands on Deck Not everyone will buy in all at once, but they’ll all have to in the end. Because without a razor-sharp, universally embraced vision, you’re not just sailing blindly, you’re sailing without a rudder. You’re dead. Checklist of Further Actions ___ Write a press story that announces and details your own dream coming true. ___ Itemize your available resources in terms of money and personnel. ___ Do a gut-check to determine if you and your team have the courage, strength, and competence to start the journey and stay the course.

We had nothing installed there yet, no PC laptops, no office supplies. Finally, I found some pencils and pads of paper with the Chase logo on them, so I took those and sat in an empty conference room and wrote up the pertinent issues and how we could address them. So you see we were making this up on the fly, there was no preexisting game plan, no training manual, no rules. In the beginning was just the word, you could say, written on the client’s stationery with their pencils in our hands. And that was symbolic, I think, of how we were starting from scratch.

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