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Elizarenkova, possibly the best residing student of the Rand definitely its maximum linguist, explains the following the relationships among a truly complex grammatical procedure and the peculiarities of favor of the archaic spiritual poetry. The laudatory hymn is taken care of as an act of verbal conversation among the poet Rand the deity, with the hymn itself transmitting definite info from guy to god. From this point of view, the hymn is used as a method to keep up a round alternate of presents among the Rand their gods. Many peculiarities of the functioning of the grammatical process of the infrequent interpreted in reference to the version of the universe of the Vedic Aryan. for instance, the concept that of time as a round approach bears heavily at the use of the verbal grammatical different types of annoying and temper; the personification of a few summary forces can clarify a few irregularities within the functioning of the nominal classification of gender; and the assumption of magical strength attributed to the Sacred Speech more often than not, and to the identify of a god specifically, underlies the mystical grammar of this spiritual poetry.

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Vocabulary"]. Using these very characteristics, the poets quite consciously introduce puns, a play on words, thus creating an intentionally obscure, allusive and suggestive style. However, before we discuss the stylistic use of lexical polysemy in the Rg Veda, we should consider the definition of this phenomenon. Polysemy, as such, presupposes the discrete character of meanings tied to a word. The Rg Veda lexicon, as represented in classical Western dictionaries [91; 59], contains an amazing number of polysemantic words.

2011 17:31:28] next page > page_29 < previous page page_29 next page > Page 29 2 Vocabulary Some of the essential features of the model of the universe seen by the seers of the hymns find their fullest and clearest reflection in the vocabulary of the Rg Veda. On the one hand, this circumstance grants the scholar quite a few advantages, as it places at his disposal a general theory which permits him, using a single non-contradictory method, to interpret the historical and cultural situation as well as disparate linguistic facts.

16) ". " But the verb drsrealizes the semantic opposition through the formal contrast of active vs. 4) "Who saw the one being born first ... 5)" . . "22 The polysemy becomes even more complex in those cases in which the separate meanings of a word acquire a symbolic character. The metaphorical transfer of meanings occurs so frequently that the border-line between polysemy and homonymy almost disappears. However, even these cases may be accounted for by the imagery of thought, and we should recognize only one meaning as basic.

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