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Study the thoughts, syntax and APIs (Application software Interface) of Java. comprises information regarding DTDs, datatypes, baby info, Cascading kind Sheets, XSL, info islands, ActiveX, metadata, JavaScript, Xlink, Xpointer, and extra! in regards to the CD-ROM The CD will contain coding examples. comprises totally searchable e-version of the e-book.

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Java is a brand new and fascinating object-oriented programming language that is set to rework the area huge internet. Java permits clients to put in writing functions that are accessed throughout diversified systems and gives an efficient technique of development small yet robust courses that permit a big variety of latest purposes - similar to animation, dwell updating, two-way interactions and so on.

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The Microsoft . internet initiative is the way forward for e-commerce - making it attainable for businesses to construct a safe, trustworthy e-commerce infrastructure. this is often the 1st e-book to stipulate the services of SQL Server 2000, one of many key elements of . internet. SQL Server 2000 introduces strong new facts mining performance designed in particular to catch and approach purchaser profiles and to foretell destiny procuring styles on e-commerce websites.

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50 hold the case statements. F 5/24/02 8:59 AM Page 51 JAVA PROGRAMMING 3 You can execute one section of code for multiple case statements, which allows you to use multiple conditions for the case values. You must follow each case statement you want to match with a colon. You can include a default statement in a switch statement if you want to execute specific code when none of the other case values match the specified expression. You must place the default statement last in the switch statement structure.

This distinguishes Java from many other programming languages, such as Perl, which do not require you to assign variables to data types. J Variables can use eight basic data types, called primitive types. The data type you specify for a variable determines the range of values that the variable can store and the amount of memory, measured in bits, that the variable requires. For example, a variable with the byte data type can store a number between -128 and 127, and requires 8 bits of memory. Each primitive data type has a default value.

For example, a user may find x + 1 / age easier to read than x+1/age. Java removes whitespace in your code before it compiles. This means that including whitespace does not affect the speed at which the Java code compiles, nor does it affect the performance of the application using the code. COMMENTS You can include comments in your Java code to explain important or difficult sections of code. A good programming practice, adding comments can help make the code easier to understand. Comments are particularly useful if you or someone else will need to modify or troubleshoot the code in the future.

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