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Essential Java Fast : How to write object oriented software for the Internet

Java is a brand new and interesting object-oriented programming language that is set to rework the area huge net. Java permits clients to write down functions which are accessed throughout assorted structures and offers an efficient technique of development small yet robust courses that allow a tremendous variety of recent functions - similar to animation, stay updating, two-way interactions and so forth.

Designing SQL Server 2000 Databases. for .Net ™ Enterprise Servers

The Microsoft . web initiative is the way forward for e-commerce - making it attainable for organizations to construct a safe, trustworthy e-commerce infrastructure. this is often the 1st publication to stipulate the features of SQL Server 2000, one of many key elements of . internet. SQL Server 2000 introduces robust new information mining performance designed in particular to trap and approach patron profiles and to foretell destiny deciding to buy styles on e-commerce websites.

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Apple has argued in response that jailbreaking an iPhone is a copyright violation. ➤➤ Unknowns: It comes with a series of unknowns. How well can a jailbroken iPhone be upgraded to new versions of the iPhone operating system (OS)? Will jailbreaking an iPhone open it up to security issues? In 2008, Apple introduced the second generation of the iPhone, referred to as the iPhone 3G. With this generation and the new version of the iPhone OS, Apple released a number of enhancements, including the ability to run applications natively on the device.

This is left out due to the tight coupling it has with the Objective-C way of doing things and tools that go with it for working with persistent storage. Sqlite should be used as an alternative. StoreKit Contains APIs to handle in application payments MonoTouch. SystemConfiguration Provides network reachability functionality 16 ❘ Chapter 2 Introduction to MonoTouch Working with MonoDevelop MonoDevelop is an open source Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and throughout the book you will be using this tool to write and develop your sample applications.

You can also use it to verify that the certificates and provisioning information on the associated devices are working properly. ➤➤ Interface Builder: Interface Builder (IB) allows for the graphical creation of a user interface. The MonoDevelop IDE integrates with IB and converts the interface created within IB into a user interface callable by MonoTouch. Summary ❘ 9 ➤➤ Simulator: Allows for emulating the iPhone, iPod Touch, and the iPad. Note that the simulator does not run ARM code. It runs x86 code.

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