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A factory description of the GameBoy Advance relates to an actual game the same way as a Java class relates to its instance in memory. The process of building actual games based on this description in the game factory is similar to the process of creating instances of GameBoy objects in Java. In many cases, a program can use a Java class only after its instance has been created. Vendors also create thousands of game copies based on the same description. Even though these copies represent the same class, they may have different values in their attributes - some of them are blue, while others are silver, and so on.

It also belongs to the family of video games, but has some properties that are specific to the model GameBoy Advance, for example a cartridge type. class GameBoyAdvance { String cartridgeType; int screenWidth; void startGame() { } void stopGame() { } } In this example the class GameBoyAdvance defines two attributes – cartridgeType and screenWidth and two methods – startGame() and stopGame(). But these methods can’t perform any actions just yet, because they have no Java code between the curly braces.

If you do not create a constructor for the class, Java automatically creates during the compilation time so-called default no-argument constructor. That’s why Java compiler has never complained about such statement as new Fish(), even though the class Fish did not have any constructors. In general, constructors are used to assign initial values to member variables of the class, for example the next version of class Fish has one-argument constructor that just assigns the argument’s value to the instance variable currentDepth for future use.

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