By George Klein and Sidney Weinhouse (Eds.)

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There were no effects on lymphoblastoid cell lines. In epithelial cells, there was some indication that recombinant human IFN-y might have a cytocidal effect. , 1980). Rubin et al. (1983b) found that Hela cells and Uamnion cells were more effectively inhibited in their growth by IFN-y than by IFN-a. Lymphoid cell lines, and especially the Daudi cells, were, however, relatively insensitive to the anticellular effects exhibited by human IFN-y. Some proteins that are synthesized in response to IFN-a in Daudi cells were not induced after their exposure-to IFN-7.

Fuse et al. (1982) studied the effects of human natural IFN-/3 on the synthesis of prostaglandins in IFN-sensitive and IFN-resistant cells. They found that IFN stimulated prostaglandin synthesis and that this enhanced synthesis could be inhibited by prednisolone or indomethacin. These results suggested that IFN stimulates prostaglandin synthesis by promoting the release of arachidonic acid from phospholipids. It is of interest that prednisolone and indomethacin partially inhibited the anti-cell growth activity of IFN.

Lymphoblastogenic responses to nonspecific mitogens and the premixed lymphocyte-tumor cell reaction remained unchanged during the course of treatment. Maluish et al. v. m. 1-50 X lo6 IU for up to 5 weeks). There was no sustained elevation of NK cell activity. Depression of lymphoproliferative responses to mitogens and mixed leukocyte culture responses was noted, and there was an elevated monocyte-mediated anti-tumor cytostatic activity in one third of the patients. , 1983) injected purified lymphoblastoid IFN into seven cancer patients.

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