By J.J. Dongarra, G.R. Joubert, L. Grandinetti and J. Kowalik (Eds.)

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Heterogeneous Processing using multiple supercomputers 4. Online Electronic Newspaper 5. NTSC video via JPEG to workstations 6. Desktop Videoconferencing 7. Satellite Access to ATM network using ARPA ACTS satellite 8. Desktop ATM-> Desktop ATM using ATM LAN 9. Desktop ATM-> remote Desktop FDDI 10. Desktop ATM-> remote Desktop ATM 11. School Access to government graphical databases 12. Desktop video conference between student and teachers 13. School Access to remote CD/ROM drives at Library 14. Family Information Server 15.

Despite the lower performance of these connections, observed performance is typically still very impressive due to the lack of other traffic on this private network. Figure 1 shows a complete network diagram of BATMAN. The focus is on the five ATM switches, and the fiber (dark lines) interconnecting these and connecting to the various institutions. The university is shown at the bottom (CU Network) while the authors home is on the right along with schools attended by several of his children. The thin lines with an 8230 box located on them are T1 lines over which a bridged Ethernet is supported.

CU uses the Fore switch as the point of contact for the single mode fiber from the BATMAN switch. The Fore switch in turn connects directly to an ATM LAN network and to a CISCO 7000 router. FDDI and Ethernet networks connect to the router. The various workstations have a variety of Taxi and OC-3 interface cards, matched by corresponding cards in the ATM switch. Figure 2 is a schematic of the internal ATM network developed within University of Colorado. Thus the small cloud denoted "CU NETWORK" in Figure 1 actually expands into Figure 2.

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