By Angela Valdez

Offers diversified issues of view on questions on gun keep watch over.

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A much-heralded decline in violent crime, including murder, began in 1994. 38 million. 7 Although the fluctuations of the murder and violent crime rates have confounded police and policy makers, they help gun-control advocates refute the argument that increased gun ownership reduces crime. 8 Gun-control advocates, however, say that Lott’s research does not hold up during periods of nationally falling crime rates. The antigun Violence Policy Center also claimed when Lott’s study came out that the source funding for Lott’s University of Chicago fellowship, the John M.

The Court found that the right to bear arms is an individual right and that the federal government cannot The Second Amendment Remains Relevant infringe on the right of a person to own a gun for the purpose of self-defense. 9 Two years later, in 2010, the Supreme Court answered that question as well in the case of McDonald v. Chicago. The case involved Chicago’s 28-year-old ban on handguns, as well as similar gun restriction in Oak Park, Illinois. Mayor Richard M. Daley of Chicago argued that his city’s gun laws, the most restrictive in the nation, were necessary to protect citizens from gun violence.

4 percent. 7 percent. 4 percent, whereas the number of murders committed with a firearm fell 29 percent. C. 922(s)]. The waiting period is designed to give state and local law enforcement officials a chance to perform a criminal records check on the purchaser before the gun is sold. C. 922(t)]. 15 Bans on assault weapons help to control guns that are inappropriate for civilian use. S. citizens every year. In 1989, however, a new tragedy refocused the nation’s attention on a threat from a different kind of firearm: the assault weapon.

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