By Richard Lee

Examine the impression globalization has had on popular culture, modernization, and language improvement.

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People are in motion around the globe in very large numbers at all times. Many are migrating or are forced to flee their home cultures. These groups carry their cultures with them. 1). ) One of the first missionaries to China, Jesuit scholar Matteo Ricci (1552–1610), practically pioneered the Western infatuation with China during the 17th and 18th centuries in Europe. For example, the popularity of a type of porcelain called “blue onion”— which is still manufactured in Germany and has been in continual demand for centuries—is a direct result of missionaries functioning as cultural conduits for style and design from the Far East.

Q 7/14/08 11:53 AM Page 29 Culture and Ideology beliefs, of course. ” 15 Further subcultures of your cultural membership might include the specific group around you that you emulate. In fact, “ideologies may be forcefully imposed or willingly subscribed to. ”16 You may or may not know why something is not “cool” or why you wish to act a certain way, but that does not mean that an ideology isn’t operating on and through you in the ways you participate in various layers of culture. Obviously, ethnicity and other factors create other cultural preconditions for behavior and the acceptance of behavior.

Cousins who have never met are able to interact on the basis of family lore. q 34 7/14/08 11:53 AM Page 34 Globalization, Language, and Culture same high school. Ethnic cultural bonds can be loosened to include generational and gender-specific touchstones: knowing the same pop song from 30 years ago, having some relationship to a shared group experience (such as having been in the Girl Scouts or having played high-school soccer), and having similar perspectives on historical events. Comfortable conversation does not mean agreement or friendship.

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