By Richard C Lewontin

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A plague began among human beings, regardless of social background, age or gender, as people began to spit blood and die, some immediately, some after two-three days, and many more after a few more days. And it so happened that [ . . ] the majority would experience a growth in the groin, many under the right or left armpit, others in other parts of the body, so that generally some kind of swelling occurred in the infected body. It was eventually discovered, through time and word of mouth, that in the space of a year this plague spread over the third part of the world that is known as Asia.

Without moral failings or dangerous compromises enacted by the brigata itself ” (190). In turn, this undermines the forbidding worldview presented by Dante and promotes “a complete reexamination of the literary word” (196) through books like Boccaccio’s own, which become the catalysts (a new meaning of galeotto) for a more balanced understanding “of the overall complexity of human experiences” (197). 9 Battaglia Ricci’s interpretation conf lates the accusations that Francesca levels on the book and “who wrote it” with Dante’s point of view.

M. Villani 11, emphasis added) Let alone that one citizen avoided another and almost no one took care of one’s neighbors [ . . ]: this tribulation had put such fear in the hearts of men and women that a brother abandoned another and an uncle his nephew and the sister her brother and oftentimes the wife her husband; and, even more unbelievably so, fathers and mothers abandoned their children, as if they were not their own, and refused to visit and help them. For which reason, all those—and they were an innumerable multitude—either men or women who fell ill had no other recourse than to rely on the charity of friends (and of these there were few) or the greed of their servants who, enticed by large sums of money, continued to help them.

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