By Sally McConnell-Ginet

This quantity bargains a consultant choice of Sally McConnell-Ginet's guides on language, gender and sexuality, which circle round the following issues: language clients are actively engaged in making meanings, either as audio system and listeners; languages and socio-political associations constrain, yet don't confirm, communicative chances; awareness to language deepens realizing of gender and sexuality, together with connections to ethnicity, type, race, and different dimensions of social id and inequality.

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I don’t think I ever use the word identity in these papers, but it is clear that it was not just general matters about the linguistic dimensions of gender identities that concerned me but my own identity as a scholar and an activist. From early in my career, I worked hard to shape a kind of feminist linguistics to which I could usefully contribute. It is perfectly possible for someone to be a committed feminist and an excellent linguist but not engage in what I am calling feminist linguistics: some of the linguistic research I have done is outside the realm of feminist linguistics, not addressing matters of gender or sexuality at all.

In counterpoint, her partner hears her outer voice say, “No, of course it didn’t hurt. Why it didn’t a bit. Honestly. ” The music stops and the inner voice exults “in my ears there is a silence like the sound of angel voices” but then he hears “they’ve stopped, the mean things . . Oh, do you think they would . . if you gave them fifty dollars? . ” The young woman is ‘trapped’ by her vulnerability, her incapacity to pay the heavy social (and life) price of refusing an eligible young man’s overtures.

It is pretty clear, I think, that he did not intend to convey the message that no or virtually no woman could be an outstanding scientist or mathematician nor even that the ‘average’ man in science or Gender, sexuality, and meaning 23 mathematics is more gifted than the ‘average’ woman in those fields. ” Many people also took him to be suggesting that there is no point to efforts to reduce biases against women in these areas or to develop programs that encourage women who show mathematical or scientific talents and interests to pursue them.

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