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This ebook is stuffed with transparent revision notes and special diagrams for each Edexcel GCSE Chemistry subject, together with a piece on ‘How technological know-how Works’. It comprises a great deal of assistance and fast try inquiries to attempt figuring out, and everything’s defined in common language with a slightly of humour.

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C1b Topic 5 — Fuels 37 Using Alkenes to Make Polymers Before we knew how to make polymers, there were no polythene bags. Everyone used string bags for their shopping. Now we have plastic bags that hurt your hands and split halfway home. Alkenes Can Be Used to Make Polymers 1) Probably the most useful thing you can do with alkenes is polymerisation. g. alkenes) to form very large molecules — these long‑chain molecules are called polymers. 2) For instance, many ethene molecules can be joined up to produce poly(ethene) or “polythene”.

Copper, sulfur and oxygen combine to make copper sulfate. Sodium, nitrogen and oxygen combine to make sodium nitrate. Look at Charges to Work Out the Formula of an Ionic Compound To work out what formula you get when things react, you can look at what ions they form. Negative Ions Positive Ions – + + 2 ions All Group 1 metals, including: + Lithium Li + Sodium Na All Group 2 metals, including: 2+ Mg Magnesium Calcium Potassium K + 1 – ions 2 ions 1 ions Ca 2+ Carbonate Sulfate 2– CO3 2– SO4 All Group 6 elements, including: 2– O Oxide 2– Sulfide S Hydroxide Nitrate OH – – NO3 All Group 7 elements, including: – Fluoride F – Chloride Cl – Bromide Br – Iodide I The charges of the ions in a compound have to balance.

Bromine water + alkene — decolourised 5) The first two alkenes are ethene and propene. 1) Ethene 2) Propene Formula: C2H4 Formula: C3H6 H H H H C C C H H H H C C H H Notice the names: • “meth-“ means “one carbon atom“, • “eth-“ means “two C atoms“, • “prop-“ means “three C atoms“, etc. The only difference then between the names of alkanes and alkenes is just the “-ane“ or “-ene“ on the end. Alkane anybody who doesn’t learn this lot properly... Don’t get alkanes confused with alkenes — that one letter makes all the difference.

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