By H. Beam Piper

Ace technology Fiction version - "The vintage sequel to the technology fiction bestseller - 'Little Fuzzy!'"

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This action of his, today; he has a ring of crooks who want to make a killing in land speculation. That’s why I wanted to stop him, and that’s why Grego sent Coombes to help me. ” Rainsford started an angry reply; before he could speak, Gerd van Riebeek’s voice floated down from the escalator-head on the terrace above. ” “No, nobody but us Fuzzies,” Rainsford called back. ” CHAPTER FOUR WITH A SIGH of relief, Victor Grego entered the living room of his penthouse apartment. His hand rose to the switch beside the door, then dropped; the faint indirect glow from around the edge of the ceiling was enough.

Somebody,” the captain decided, after deliberation, “must have brought him in. In an aircar,” he added, after more cogitation. “I had gotten that far, myself. ” Lansky began to shake his head. Then he was smitten with an idea. “Hey, Mr. Grego! ” “Why, the pilfering. Pilfering, and ransacking; in offices and like that. And somebody’s been getting into supply rooms at some of the cafeterias, and where they keep the candy and stuff for the vending robots. ” That would be three days ago. “The first report came in day before yesterday morning, after the 0600-1200 shift came on.

Brannhard was their lawyer; he’d have fought just as hard to prove that bush-goblins were sapient beings. But Rainsford is taking this personally. The Fuzzies were his great scientific discovery, and we tried to discredit it, and that makes us Bad Guys. ” Grego stoppered the cocktail jug and picked up his glass. “We haven’t come to the last CHAPTER yet,” he said. “I don’t want any more battles; we haven’t patched up the combat damage from the last one. But if Ben Rainsford wants one, I’m not bugging out on it.

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