By Wolfgang Berg, Aoileann Ní Éigeartaigh

1. 2 tradition and identification in a Postmodern global Michel Foucault’s assertion that: “The current epoch will might be be certainly the epoch of house. we're within the epoch of simultaneity; we're within the epoch of juxtaposition” (M. Foucault 1986: 22) heralded a brand new method of identification within the modern international by way of suggesting that one’s id is shaped no longer due to the cultural and nationwide values and historical past one has inherited, yet fairly because of the diversified areas in which one travels. In different phrases, one’s identification is not any longer perceived as an inherited build yet quite as whatever versatile that alterations as one strikes throughout the extra fluid areas of the modern, globalized global and internalizes a mix of the several cultures and concepts that one encounters. The idealized modern visitor will therefore without problems go nationwide and cultural borders and negotiate a continually altering and versatile identification for himself. Andy Bennett argues that it truly is not even attainable to conceive of id as a static entity, solid from a communal historical past and cost approach, simply because the entire conventional certainties on which id formation have been dependent some time past were fatally undermined via a postmodernist flux and fluidity: “Once sincerely demarcated by means of fairly static and ethnically homogenous groups, the ‘spaces’ and ‘places’ of way of life at the moment are hugely pluralistic and contested, and are continually being outlined and redefined via approaches of relocation and cultural hybridisation” (A.

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Creswell, John W (2007): Qualitative Inquiry & Research Design: Choosing Among Five Approaches. Thousand Oaks: SAGE. Deniz, Fuat and Antonios Perdikaris (2000): Ett liv mellan två världar: en studie om hur assyriska ungdomar som andra generationens invandrare i Sverige upplever och hanterar sin livssituation. Örebro: Institutionen för samhällsvetenskap, Örebro University. Forsberg, Margareta (2007): Brunetter och blondiner: sex, relationer och tjejer i det mångkulturella Sverige. Lund: Studentlitteratur.

E. Wall 1994: 12). Note that in this poem, Wall has replaced the personal with the collective pronoun “we”, a sign that he is beginning to rethink his place within the wider metanarrative of migration. In an essay entitled “Irish Voices, American Writing, and Green Cards”, Wall describes how his experience of applying for his Green Card prompted him to rethink earlier assumptions he had made about the ease and fluidity of the contemporary experience of migration. What strikes Wall about the process of applying for residency is that when dealing with bureaucracy, ambivalence is impossible and one is forced to define oneself according to specific and clearly delineated categories of identity.

Stlings bokförl. Symposium. Berg, Magnus (1994): Seldas andra bröllop: berättelser om hur det är: turkiska andragenerationsinvandrare, identitet, etnicitet, modernitet, etnologi. Dissertation, University of Göteborg. Brune, Ylva (2004): Nyheter på gränsen - tre studier i journalistik om 'invandrare', flyktingar och rasistiskt våld. Dissertation. University of Göteborg. Buitelaar, M. W (2002). “Negotiating the rules of chaste behaviour: re-interpretations of the symbolic complex of virginity by young women of Moroccan descent in The Netherlands”.

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