By Rafael Lira, Alejandro Casas, José Blancas

This booklet experiences the heritage, present country of data, and diverse learn methods and strategies of stories on interactions among people and vegetation in a big region of agriculture and ongoing plant domestication: Mesoamerica. major students and key examine teams in Mexico talk about crucial subject matters in addition to contributions from foreign examine teams that experience performed reports on ethnobotany and domestication of vegetation within the zone. any such convocation will produce an enticing dialogue approximately destiny research and conservation of local human cultures, genetic assets, and cultural and ecological tactics which are serious for worldwide sustainability.

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Camou-Guerrero et al. F. Michoacán Hidalgo Tabasco Edo. Mex. Morelos Guerrero Yucatán Veracruz Puebla Oaxaca 0 Guanajuato 31 Aguascalientes 34 Coahuila 43 40 Querétaro Number of works 80 Fig. 3 Ethnobotanical works presented in the MCB (1963–2010) by state Fig. 2 shows the total number of studies recorded in the Ethnoecological Atlas database [46, 55] relative to those recorded in the MCB and takes into account the most represented original cultures. Although the Ethnoecological Atlas includes information from different fields of knowledge (not just from the ethnobotanical perspective), the Maya, Nahua, Mixtec, Totonac, and Otomí are also the best represented, which is consistent with findings in our MCB sample.

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