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If a boat is traveling NE with a speed of 15 mi. ,what is the component of its velocity in the eastward direction? In the northward direction? 4. If a boat is making 30 knots per hour on a course 40 E, what are its components of velocity in the eastward and the north1. similar to those in N N ward directions respectively? swimmer in crossing a stream puts forth efforts which in still water would carry him directly across at 2 mi. per hr. If the current is 5 mi. , what are the actual direction and speed of the swimmer?

11. cos 162 10'. 21. tan 216 13. cos 312 14. cos 471 15. cos 569 20'. 22. tan 40'. 23. 50'. 24. 20'. 25. 12. cos 17. cos 8. sin (- 38). (- 138). (- 216). 18. cos (- 27 (- 127 (- 210 9. esc 625. 19. sec 530 (- 888). 20. sec (- 1500 6. sin 7. sin 10. esc 16. cos 20'). 30'). 10'). 40'. 10'). 100. 200. tan 310. tan 490. tan (- 80). 26. tan 27. cot (- 195). 230. 28. cot (- 70). 29. cot 850. 30. cot (- 311). REDUCTION FORMULAS. LINE VALUES. GRAPHS Find an angle terminating in quadrant indicated which the satisfies the 37 given equation: 31.

For example, 60 is the complement of 30, hence cos 60 16. Solution of right triangles. Each formula is equal to the = sin 30. 14 gives us an of equation connecting three numbers, one of which is a value of a function of an acute angle, while the other two refer to sides of a right triangle. If two sides are given, the value of a function of is thereby determined, and by the use of tables we can find A. To find the third A we may use another of the equations, or we may use the equation = 90 - A.

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