By Helena Flam, Debra King

Such a lot study on social routine has overlooked the importance of feelings. This edited quantity seeks to redress this oversight and introduces new examine issues and instruments to the sphere of feelings and social activities. Sociologists and political activists worldwide will locate this quantity to be of significant curiosity as a result of its wide-ranging method and its targeted emphasis at the position of emotion in protest, dissent and social routine.

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Their anger also forced the dominant feminists to grant recognition to social divisions and conflictual issues within the movement. It led to more self-criticism and self-reflection. In her study of several American social movements, Polletta (2002) focused on the relationship between strong friendship ties and experiments in participatory democracy. She showed that although the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC), Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), Women’s Liberation and related women’s groups differed in their interaction and decision-making styles, these relied on strong friendship ties.

One is shamed into obedience. Second, shame is applied to fortify systems of domination and stratification (Kemper 1981; Neckel 1991: 195–213). Those less powerful are confronted with classification systems that force them to think of themselves as inferior in terms of morals, skills, appearance, and so on. Since these classification systems are internalized by a great number of people, they become played out in daily interactions over and over again: at work, in the supermarket, at home. Emotions’ map 23 Theorists also speak of shaming, ridiculing and laughing at as strategies which the powerful elite or status groups use to scare away the undesired aspirant outsiders and to bring conformity among the deviant members of their own group (Parkin 1971; Kemper 1981; Neckel 1991; Flam 2002: 149–65).

Kitschelt, H. (1986) ‘Political opportunity structures and political protest: antinuclear movements in four democracies’, British Journal of Political Science, 16: 57–85. Kriesi, H. (1988) ‘The interdependence of structure and action: some reflections on the state of the art’, in B. Klandermans, H. Kriesi and S. : JAI Press. M. (1993) ‘Extremer Nationalismus: Strukturbedingungen vor der nationalsozialistischen Machtergreifung’, in his Demokratie in Deutschland, Göttingen: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht.

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