By Gordon E. Smith

Checklists, even though mundane, are a key portion of many roles. they assist make sure that key matters will not be missed, they usually function guideposts for a person auditing the paintings. This booklet presents expertise managers with an excellent preparatory set of information and checklists for his or her e-commerce infrastructure. The booklet may also express a company auditor what to appear for to make sure that applicable controls are in position.

Throughout its 6 chapters and 225 pages, the publication bargains an in depth, innovative, and established method for appearing such audits. The ebook addresses technology-related concerns yet does not require the auditor to be professional in them. between themes mentioned are actual protection, authentication, and passwords; checklists make sure that those positive factors are deployed or configured properly.

For making sure that dossier servers and different parts of the e-commerce infrastructure are safe, this booklet is a wonderful selection.

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2 GHz notebook computer, any eight-character, alphabetic-only password cracks in 32 minutes. Change the composition to alphanumeric (letters and numbers), and every password will crack in less than four hours. Add in the most common special characters and all passwords will crack in just under two days. Select an even more complex password that contains alphanumeric characters and some of the less common special characters, and all of the passwords will crack in 17 days. How good is a password policy that says you have to change your password every 90 days (which is very common), if the most complex password can be cracked in 17 days?

Private key crypto See symmetric cryptosystem. Public key The data value that is used in asymmetric cryptosystems. It is the key that is used to encrypt messages to a party that will use the private key to decrypt the message. Public key crypto See asymmetric cryptosystem. Reversible public key cryptosystem This is a public key cryptosystem that can both encrypt and decrypt. RSA algorithm This is a very popular public key cryptosystem. It is based on factoring very large numbers. The original cryptosystem, RSA-129, was beaten after 17 years.

Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (ECDSA) This is currently under development by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). It will use algorithms that have less overhead to compute and are ideal for smart cards, which have limited processing capabilities. Hash function In relation to a digital signature, a hash function is applied to the message and used to create a message digest that is encrypted using the private key of the sender, attached to the message, and sent to the recipient.

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