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Copyright 1992–2002 by Deitel & Associates, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Deitel® Dive-Into™ Series: Dive Into Microsoft Visual C++ 6 Fig. 36 31 Disabled breakpoint. 36 shows the debugging environment with a disabled breakpoint. Notice that the disabled breakpoint is still visible but it appears as a white circle. To make the breakpoint active, click the empty checkbox next to the breakpoint in the Breakpoints dialog. 10 Disabled breakpoints allow the programmer to maintain breakpoints in key locations in the program so they can be used again when needed.

Program execution suspends for input and at breakpoints. The program suspends execution at line 26. The yellow arrow to the left of the statement int number = getNumber(); indicates that execution is suspended at this line. 5. To add a watch, type the number into the name field of the Watch1 tab located at the bottom of the IDE. Notice that the value for number is its memory address because it has not been given a value. 6. Click Go again. At this point, the program is executing and the console window is displayed.

Clicking Step Out or Go would perform the whole loop in one step. 8. Once the for loop has completed, program execution suspends at line 35. The main window indicates that the debugger has completed and the count from 1 to 10 is displayed in the output window (Fig. 40). Even though a breakpoint was set on line 29, the program never suspended on that line because the code on line 29 never executed. The code on lines 29 and 35 either end the program or display the numbers to the outut window, depending on the number entered by the user.

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