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Хорошая книга, по рисованию красивых пейзажей природы в графическом редакторе Photoshop. a great e-book on drawing the gorgeous surroundings of nature in a picture editor Photoshop.

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As I have already mentioned this particular tutorial concerns a relatively calm sea and so the only real issue to be mindful of is the sky. If we were to include land masses or trees for example then these elements would undoubtedly have a bearing on our painting. Step 1: So the first thing to do is block in our horizon line and colour of the sea. I have decided to start with a dull grey blue but this can easily be changed later on. On the background layer fill in the whole picture with a white and then using the rectangular marquee tool create a selection area at the base of the image and then go to Select – Feather and enter about 10 pixels and fill in with a blue colour as seen in Fig 1.

Com page60 v2 Elements : Trees elementsTrees Step 4: The next stage is to add some further highlights on the same or a new layer as well as some extra branches that appear in front of the foliage. It is important to remember that the branches and foliage spread out in every direction as well as towards the viewer and so branches disappear behind leaf groupings and also overlap them at points (fig 06). You can see the extra highlights when you compare the picture to the previous image. These represent the leaves that have really caught the light and often appear very pale due to their reflective quality.

05) Step 6: As the detailing continued by fleshing out the texture of the bark I also took the opportunity to add small gimmicks such as icicles and tiny tracks to break up larger shapes and lines into smaller ones and invoke a touch of lively playfulness. A slight gradient as a background not only helped to juxtapose the contrast of the snow patches on top of the tree further but also gave a subtle hint at a damp sky. com page55 v2 Elements : Winter Trees elementsWinter Step 7: against each other and virtually leading the Tutorial by : With the tree painted up and the largest part focal point from the base of the gnarly trunk Chris Thunig of the clean-up work completed I decided over to the right towards the fence.

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