By Brad Hinkel, Ron Reeder

Electronic Negatives: utilizing Photoshop to Create electronic Negatives for Silver and replacement procedure Printing bridges the realm of conventional photographic printing with electronic know-how. A electronic unfavorable, ready in Photoshop, helps you to bypass the darkish room time constructing the negatives-getting instantly to various printing strategies together with silver, platinum, and a bunch of different "alternative" methods. you will see that this as a chance to combine expertise with conventional photograph methods leading to extra time on your artwork! within the contemporary earlier, photographers that sought after electronic negatives needed to take their enterprise to labs. Now all of you Photoshop clients can contain this custom into your workflow of selection. *Easy, quickly commence thoughts for particular offers and directions for making your first print fast with out all of the information of calibrating electronic negatives. ·Offers specialist guideline for the extra complicated; a lot of the e-book should be enthusiastic about easy methods to calibrate electronic negatives, configure a electronic darkroom, and high-quality song prints from electronic negatives ·Adventurous, experimental ideas take printing utilizing replacement strategies into new strategies together with firming, a number of printing, printing with ink and platinum, plus others.

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Digital negatives should allow use to separate the capture technique from the printing technique. Final print size, about 3 ϫ 4 inches. Blackbird 2004 Brad Hinkel 3 c a p t u r i n g i m a g e t h e o p t i m a l Making an optimal digital negative starts with an image file that contains all the important tonal information in the original subject. In practice this means starting with an image file in 16-bit mode that does not clip tonal values in either the highlights or the shadows. With care a good image file can be captured directly using a digital camera or it can be created by scanning a properly exposed and processed film negative.

Follow the steps you wrote down for determining your printing processes. You need to make sure you keep track of your specific printer driver settings so that the steps for printing the negatives are also reproducible. For some users, this is a frustrating, time-consuming step, but with some experience it becomes easy to create correction curves quickly. And once you have a few correction curves available for your favorite processes, you can rely on these for much of your printing. You should also test your correction curves.

Protect it from fingerprints and abrasion. Printing the Silver Image in the Darkroom Exposing the Photo Paper Silver emulsion paper is sensitive to blue and green light; and it is very sensitive. Any exposure to a traditional visible light source can quickly fog the paper and give you a final print with gray highlights, or more commonly, just solid black. You need to work in a room that can be made completely black. Typical silver emulsion papers are not sensitive to red or yellow light. Thus you can use a darkroom safelight that provides dim red/yellow light, but allows you to see as you work.

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