By Dora Schulz, Heinz Griesbach

Deutsche Sprachlehre fur Auslander, Grundstufe in einem band [Paperback]

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Deutsche Sprachlehre Fur Ausländer Grundstufe

Deutsche Sprachlehre fur Auslander, Grundstufe in einem band [Paperback]

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The d-structure underlying (70) can also be realized as (49), repeated as (71), with an infinitival embedded clause. Case theory offers the follow­ ing natural explanation for the changes that take place at the s-structure level. (71) Kareni seems ti. to have lost Mathew's pictures of her ceramics. As the untensed embedded clause does not contain INFL[+tense], the subject position cannot be assigned Nominative Case. Accordingly, it has to remain empty. The constituent Karen has to emigrate to a position where it can be assigned Case.

The theoretical concept that carried the most weight in ST was the transformation rule. Take the following sentence pair': (1) (2) The Romans destroyed the city. The city was destroyed (by the Romans). In the passive clause (2), the logical direct object the city is at the same time the syntactical subject of the clause. In other words, there is a relationship between the direct object position and the subject position. Since this relationship is not restricted to clauses containing the verb destroy, but is rather a productive and systematic one, ST used a transformational rule to formalize it.

E. ) Our choice to fill that Α-slot with the argument the girl may be due to the real world situation we try to describe or the imaginative situation we intend to represent, but it remains our choice. Nevertheless, our freedom in filling Α-slots, inserting arguments, and assigning thematic roles is not unlimited. Take clause (19), for instance. We saw in (24) that arrive has an internal thematic role to assign. 34 WIM DE GEEST AND DANY JASPERS The fact that this role is an internal one entails that the d-structure will have to contain an object NP.

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