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In the example on page 43, this is \n which is used to generate a line feed after each output. In contrast to the example on page 37, the data type to be read and written is to be slightly more complex than string. Therefore, the task is now to read all identifiers from a file, according to the convention of a programming language, and to write them line by line into another file. Identifiers shall be defined as follows: • An identifier always starts with a letter or an underscore ‘_’. • Each following character occurring in an identifier is either alphanumeric (that is, a letter or a digit) or an underscore.

To show the usable methods for derived classes and the way how they work, a possible implementation of the ostream_iterator is shown. The template-parameter char_traits defines different types for different kind of characters (char or wide characters). namespace std { template > 44 ITERATORS class ostream_iterator : public iterator { public: typedef charT char_type; typedef traits traits_type; typedef basic_ostream ostream_type; ostream_iterator(ostream_type& s) : out_stream(&s), delim(0) { } ostream_iterator(ostream_type& s, const charT* separator) : out_stream(&s), delim(separator) { } // copy constructor and destructor omitted // assignment operator: ostream_iterator& operator=(const T& value) { *out_stream << value; if(delim) { // put out separator?

White space’ or a special character terminates the reading process. get(c); if(isalnum(c) || ’_’ == c) IDstring += c; } /*The last character read does not belong to the identifier. The iostream library offers the possibility of returning an unused character to the input so that it is available to a subsequent program. toString(); return os; } For ostream::sentry s(os) the same applies as for istream::sentry s(is) (see above). That is all that is needed to use stream iterators to recognize identifiers.

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