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Directives Directives have special meanings in Object Pascal, but, unlike reserved words, appear only in contexts where user-defined identifiers cannot occur. Hence— although it is inadvisable to do so—you can define an identifier that looks exactly like a directive. 2 Directives absolute dynamic name protected resident abstract export near public safecall assembler external nodefault published stdcall automated far overload read stored cdecl forward override readonly virtual contains implements package register write default index pascal reintroduce writeonly dispid message private requires Syntactic elements 4-3 Fundamental syntactic elements Numerals Integer and real constants can be represented in decimal notation as sequences of digits without commas or spaces, and prefixed with the + or – operator to indicate sign.

The following rules apply to relational operators. • Operands must be of compatible types, except that a real and an integer can be compared. • Strings are compared according to the ordering of the extended ASCII character set. Character types are treated as strings of length 1. • Two packed strings must have the same number of components to be compared. When a packed string with n components is compared to a string, the packed string is treated as a string of length n. • The operators <, >, <=, and >= apply to PChar operands only if the two pointers point within the same character array.

An assignment statement replaces the current value of variable with the value of expression. For example, I := 3; assigns the value 3 to the variable I. The variable reference on the left side of the assignment can appear in the expression on the right. For example, I := I + 1; increments the value of I. SomeProperty := True; Syntactic elements 4-17 Declarations and statements Procedure and function calls A procedure call consists of the name of a procedure (with or without qualifiers), followed by a parameter list (if required).

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