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If AllowAllUp is True, all of the speed buttons in a group can be unselected, or “up” state. Set AllowAllUp to False if you want a group of buttons to act like a radio group. • To make speedbuttons act as a group, give the GroupIndex property of all the buttons the same non-zero value. Adding speed buttons to toolbars is discussed in Chapter 5. Check boxes A check box lets the user make a binary decision like yes/no, male/female. • Set Checked to True and a check mark appears in the check box, indicating the option is selected.

2-6 Developer’s Guide Using the object model To change the bicycle to make it exactly as you want it, you start with the basic model and then customize it. You do the same thing with Delphi forms. When you add a new form to your project, you’ve added the “basic model” form. By adding components to the form, changing property values, and writing event handlers, you are customizing the new form. To customize any object, whether it be a blank form, a form with multiple controls that is used as a dialog box, or a new version of the Delphi bitmap button, you start by deriving a new object from an existing object.

Once you have an understanding of what is in every visual component, you can better evaluate the unique properties that define the various specialized components you’ll use to create your applications. The common properties fall into these general categories: • • • • • Position and size properties Display properties Parent properties Navigation properties Drag-and-drop properties Position and size properties Four properties define the position and size of a control on a form: • • • • Height sets the vertical size Width sets the horizontal size Top positions the top edge Left positions the left edge These properties aren’t accessible in nonvisual components, but Delphi does keep track of where you place the component icons on your forms.

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