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II. Variation with fixed point x ∈ X. Let T be the base of a family of bundles on X, that is, a bundle X ×T is given on W . We can then construct the new family {elmkx (g)(Wt )} of all elementary transformations with fixed point x ∈ X. The base of the new family is Gk (Wx ) and the bundle on X × Gk (Wx ) defining the family is denoted by ELMkx (W ). When k = n − 1, the operation is simply denoted by ELMx (W ). We now take the most non-trivial family consisting of one trivial n-dimensional bundle In on X, and apply the operation ELMx to it (n + 1)(g − 1) times: ELMx ( · · · (ELMx (In )) · · · ) (n + 1)(g − 1) times We obtain a family of bundles on X with determinant (n + 1) × (g − 1)x.

The operation of multiplication by 1 0 is defined on assignments, but not on classes of assignments of matrix 0 τx0 divisors; it does not commute with multiplication on the left by Ax , a regular 1 0 and regularly invertible matrix. But on the set of left cosets Ax0 the 0 τx0 operation is well-defined. 1 α A choice of coset , α ∈ C, is a choice of g ∈ Vx , and determines 0 τ elmx0 (g) (see [16]). § 2 Variations of elementary operations. The symbol for an elementary operation elmkx0 (g)V is adorned with three suffixes, three continuous parameters: the point x ∈ X, the subspace g ∈ Gk (Vx ) and the bundle V ∈ S.

MR 57 # 16294. [4] K. C. Spencer, On deformations of complex analytic structures, I—II. Ann. of Math. (2) 67 (1958), 328–466. MR 22 # 3009. [5] D. Mumford, Geometric invariant theory. Springer-Verlag, Berlin– Heidelberg–New York 1965. MR 35 # 5451. [6] D. Mumford, On the equations defining Abelian varieties, I. Invent. Math. 1 (1966), 287–354. MR 34 # 4269. [7] D. Mumford, Abelian varieties. Tata Institute Studies in Mathematics No. 5, Oxford University Press, Bombay and London (1970). MR 44 # 219.

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