By Jeffrey Richter

Dig deep and grasp the intricacies of the typical language runtime (CLR) and the .NET Framework 4.0. Written by way of a very popular programming professional and advisor to the Microsoft(R) .NET group, this consultant is perfect for builders construction any form of application-including Microsoft(R) ASP.NET, Windows(R) kinds, Microsoft(R) SQL Server(R), internet companies, and console functions. You’ll get hands-on guide and large C# code samples that will help you take on the harsh issues and increase high-performance functions.

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Compared to Win32 programming paradigms, this new approach greatly simplifies software development. Most of the namespaces in the FCL present types that can be used for any kind of application. Table 1-3 lists some of the more general namespaces and briefly describes what the types in that namespace are used for. This is a very small sampling of the namespaces available. Please see the documentation that accompanies the various Microsoft SDKs to gain familiarity with the ever-growing set of namespaces that Microsoft is producing.

Remove_AnEvent Method Event remove accessor method. set_AProperty Method Property set accessor method. set_Item Method Indexer set accessor method. custom, AnEvent, AProperty, and Item—identify additional metadata about the type. These nodes don’t map to fields or methods; they just offer some additional information Chapter 1 The CLR’s Execution Model 29 about the type that the CLR, programming languages, or tools can get access to. For example, a tool can see that the Test type offers an event, called AnEvent, which is exposed via the two methods (add_AnEvent and remove_AnEvent).

Exe to produce inferior code. For example, NGen won’t optimize the use of certain CPU instructions; it adds indirections for static field access because the actual address of the static fields isn’t known until runtime. NGen inserts code to call class constructors everywhere because it doesn’t know the order in which the code will execute and if a class constructor has already been called. ) Some NGen’d applications actually perform about 5 percent slower when compared to their JIT-compiled counterpart.

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