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Presented within the Breadth and intensity layout of the particular examination, this complete advisor is stuffed with 1000's of reasonable perform questions in accordance with the rules and perform of Civil Engineering (PE-CIVIL) examination, given by means of the nationwide Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES). targeted recommendations, together with equations and diagrams, are supplied for each query. Civil Engineering PE perform Exams bargains extensive try training and is the fitting significant other to Civil Engineering PE All-in-One examination Guide.

COVERS ALL examination themes, INCLUDING:

  • Structural: fabrics, member layout, layout standards
  • Geotechnical: soil mechanics, foundations, excavation, seismic concerns
  • Water assets and environmental: hydraulics, hydrology, water offer and caliber, wastewater therapy
  • Transportation: means research, making plans, freeways, multilane highways
  • Construction: scheduling, estimating, qc, safety

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All loads shown below are service loads. 2) needed for the bottom chord? 75 × Ag. (Load is 30% DL + 70% LL). A. 5 B. 5 C. 5 D. ) is used to support a rectangular traffic sign as shown below. The sign weighs 750 lb and has no openings. The design wind pressure is 28 psf. 7. 2) in the post is most nearly: A. 4 B. 9 C. 4 D. 6 230 A steel frame is shown below. The floor load tributary to each frame is 48,000 lb. The fundamental period (sec) of vibration is most nearly: A. 1 B. 2 C. 3 D. 4 231 A concrete bridge deck is exposed to freezing and thawing conditions, with moisture and deicing chemical present continuously.

Results are summarized below: Sample A, tested at a total vertical stress equal to 1,000 psf, failed at a shear stress of 675 psf, while sample B, tested at a total vertical stress of 3,000 psf, failed at a shear stress of 2,025 psf. Based upon the results of this direct shear test, the shear strength parameters for this soil are most nearly: A. c = 0 psf and ϕ = 34° B. c = 200 psf and ϕ =34° C. 5° D. O. 1 mg/L A factory discharges a wastewater stream into the river at point A. O. 7 mg/L The dissolved oxygen (mg/L) of the river-wastewater mix immediately downstream of point A is most nearly: A.

410 219 A sawn rectangular timber beam (Douglas Fir, 6 in. × 10 in. nominal section) has a simple span (L) of 20 ft and supports a live load of 125 lb/ft and a dead load of 150 lb/ft. The maximum bending stress (psi) is most nearly: A. 1,400 B. 1,600 C. 1,800 D. 2,000 220 A timber post serves as a compression member. The bottom support is adequately restrained against translation and rotation. The top of the column is braced in the weak direction, as shown. The cross section is 2 in. × 6 in. (nominal).

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