By Reuben H. Karol

Following transferring traits from remedial to preventive makes use of of grouting practices, this 3rd version covers all features of chemical grouting equipment and functions. This reference highlights new floor development thoughts in addition to contemporary ideas in soil amendment and stabilization techniques. It considers advertisement possible choices to floor development, their relative benefits and downsides, and the engineering functions to which those equipment are desirable. Revised and elevated, this re-creation assesses the position of recent grouting innovations within the containment of harmful waste and introduces quite a few difficulties to demonstrate suggestions and facilitate instruction.

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Et al, ‘‘Soft Ground Improvement’’, p 24, ASCE Press, 1996. Reproduced by permission of ASCE, Reston, VA. Copyright 2003 by Marcel Dekker, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 2 Moisture density relations for soil designations in the Unified Classification System. , ‘‘Engineering Principles of Ground Modification’’ p 48, McGraw-Hill Co. 1990. 3 DEEP COMPACTION Piles are generally driven to transfer surface or near surface loads downward to better bearing materials, or to spread loads over a greater depth. In granular deposits the grains of soil are displaced radially from the pile, resulting in densification.

Equations have been derived to define the vertical and shear stresses at any depth below and any radial distance from a point load. The best known and probably the most used are the Boussinesq equations, which assume an elastic, isentropic material, a level surface and an infinite surface extension in all directions. Although these conditions cannot be met by soils, the equation for vertical stress is used with reasonable accuracy with soils whose stress-strain relationship is linear. This normally precludes the use of the equation for stresses approaching failure.

Specifications, therefore, are always written to call for a percentage such as 90 or 95% of maximum density and a water content somewhat below optimum (at water contents higher than optimum, the supporting ability of the compacted soil degrades rapidly). 1 shows typically that for any soil as the compactive effort increases, the maximum density increases and the optimum water content decreases. 2. 1 Laboratory Compaction Test Data Test No. A B C D E Designation Stand. Proctor Mod. AASHO — — Mod.

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