By Faraz Rasheed

The ebook is split in to 3 innovative degrees. within the first newbie degree the writer discusses the .Net Framework, C# Language basics and item orientated Programming. within the moment intermediate part he is going into intensity with item orientated constructs equivalent to inheritance, polymorphism, summary sessions, interfaces, constructions, enumerations and exceptions. within the 3rd and ultimate complex part he delves into what's required to enforce genuine international purposes utilizing C# with Base Libraries

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This is because the multiplication operator * has precedence over the addition operator +. Net framework documentation. else statement Condition checking has always been the most important construct in any language right from the time of the assembly language days. else statement. The structure of this statement is: if(Boolean expression) Statement or block of statements else Statement or block of statements 39 Programmers Heaven: C# School The else clause above is optional. "); In the above example, the console message will be printed only if the expression i==5 evaluates to true.

52 Programmers Heaven: C# School 3. Classes and Objects Lesson Plan Today we will start Object Oriented Programming (OOP) in C#. We will start with learning classes, objects, and their basics. Then we will move to constructors, access modifiers, properties, method overloading and static methods. Concept of a Class A class is simply an abstract model used to define a new data types. A class may contain any combination of encapsulated data (fields or member variables), operations that can be performed on data (methods) and accessors to data (properties).

It increases readability and prevents many bugs that otherwise can result if you neglect the scope of if and else statements. "); } Here else if(i==6) is executed only if the first condition i==5 is false, and else at line 9 will be executed only if the second condition i==6 (line 5) executes and fails (that is, both the first and second conditions fail). The point here is else at line 9 is related to if on line 5. WriteLine("Oops! "); } The else on line 7 is clearly related to if on line 3 while else on line 13 belongs to if on line 1.

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