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Essential Java Fast : How to write object oriented software for the Internet

Java is a brand new and intriguing object-oriented programming language that is set to rework the area vast net. Java permits clients to put in writing functions that are accessed throughout diverse systems and offers a good technique of development small yet strong courses that permit a major diversity of latest functions - corresponding to animation, dwell updating, two-way interactions and so forth.

Designing SQL Server 2000 Databases. for .Net ™ Enterprise Servers

The Microsoft . internet initiative is the way forward for e-commerce - making it attainable for firms to construct a safe, trustworthy e-commerce infrastructure. this can be the 1st ebook to stipulate the services of SQL Server 2000, one of many key elements of . web. SQL Server 2000 introduces robust new facts mining performance designed particularly to catch and strategy purchaser profiles and to foretell destiny deciding to buy styles on e-commerce websites.

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Then, you looked at the common service-orientation principles and how they can be applied when designing applications based on Web services. You also learned about Orchestration and Choreography, which represent two basic approaches to composing SOA solutions. You should now have a sufficient grasp of the ideas behind WS-BPEL, an orchestration language that provides a way of defining an orchestration level when building SOA solutions. In the next chapter, you will learn how to create building blocks for SOA applications, services, using PHP as the underlying technology.

The receiver extracts the document from the SOAP envelope assuming that the receiver uses the PHP SOAP extension and converts it to an instance of the stdClass built-in PHP class. In practice, a service requestor built with the PHP SOAP extension may send requests to a service provider built with other software, and also a PHP SOAP extension-based service provider may be consumed by a requestor built with a non-PHP tool. In either case, the requestor and provider will exchange the data organized as specified in the corresponding WSDL and XML schema documents.

Definitions> In this example, you associate the xsd1 namespace defined in the WSDL document with the PO XML schema stored in a separate file, using the namespace and location attributes of the import statement. Looking through the XML schema and WSDL documents discussed here, you may notice that each of these documents uses a different prefix for the namespace whose URI is http://localhost/WebServices/ schema/po/. In fact, you might use the same prefix here. However, it doesn't matter as long as the URI is the same.

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