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This makes them not equal according to the default methods inherited from object. However, we would like to have two of these objects test as equal. This example shows that we can have two objects that appear equal, but don’t compare as equal. Layers of Meaning. The real issue is that we have three distinct layers of meaning for comparing objects to see if they are “equal”. • Compare as Equal. We can call this “attribute equality”. The __eq__() method returns True. When we use the == operator, this is evaluated by using the __eq__() method.

The simple subclass-superclass relationship yields a form of reuse; a class hierarchy with six subclasses will share the superclass code seven times over. This, by itself, has tremendous benefits. We caution against any larger scope of reuse. Sharing classes between projects may or may not work out well. The complexity of achieving inter-project reuse can be paralyzing to first-time designers. Often, different projects reflect different points of view, and the amount of sharing is limited by these points of view.

A form that looks like 1-2 Split (17:1) works nicely. 4 Outcome Deliverables There are two deliverables for this exercise. Both will have Javadoc comments or Python docstrings. • The Outcome class. • A class which performs a unit test of the Outcome class. The unit test should create a three instances of Outcome, two of which have the same name. It should use a number of individual tests to establish that two Outcome with the same name will test true for equality, have the same hash code, and establish that the winAmount() method works correctly.

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