By Brian Capon

A bestseller in view that its debut in 1990, this vital and convenient reference has now been improved and up-to-date to incorporate an appendix on plant taxonomy and a complete index. dozen new photographs and illustrations make this re-creation even richer with details. Its handy paperback structure makes it effortless to hold and entry, no matter if you're in or out of the backyard. a vital assessment of the technology in the back of vegetation for starting and complicated gardeners alike.

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W. uk ISBN-13: 978-1-60469-095-8 Printed in China Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Capon, Brian. Botany for gardeners / written and illustrated by Brian Capon. — 3rd ed. p. cm. Includes index. ISBN 978-1-60469-095-8 1. Botany. 2. Gardening. I. Title. C36 2010 580—dc22 2009051602 A catalog record for this book is also available from the British Library. CONTENTS Preface Introduction PART I. GROWTH 1. CELLS AND SEEDS: BASICS AND BEGINNINGS Cells Cell Walls Wall Structure and Cell Growth Growth Processes Meristems Seed Coats Food-Storage Structures and the Embryo Seed Germination Other Germination Requirements 2.

Such increases in stem and root length, before thickening, are referred to as the plant’s primary growth process. Primary growth ensures that leaves are quickly elevated into sunlight and roots penetrate deeply into the soil. The rapid growth of a seedling, after it has emerged from the soil, is a familiar display of primary growth that continues as long as roots and stems lengthen. When stems have gained moderate height, it is important that they begin to thicken toward their bases to give added stability and support for the leaf mass.

This, in turn, relates to how soon germination may take place after seeds have naturally worked their way into the soil or have been planted by a gardener. Thick seed coats must be scarified; that is, the seed’s surface must first be etched to make minute openings through which water can cross the barrier that the coat presents. In nature, soil fungi and bacteria slowly decompose seed coats; or a more rapid method involves moderate grinding by coarse, shifting soil particles during heavy rains.

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