By Charles Lattimore Howard (auth.)

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Interfaith is not all roads leading to the same destination or everyone believing the same doctrine. Nor is it “multifaith” that is different people being the same space but not interacting. Rather, interfaith is where people of different faiths connect with one another by sharing their unique faith claims, histories, and beliefs. I discuss more about this in the following section. 36 Black Theology as Mass Movement Hip Hop’s Movement-Centric Origins The 1960s were an amazing time in the United States of America.

Is there a way that Black Liberation Theology might imitate this? Black Theology must always be a Black institution, but if the borders of Black Theology might be expanded to included non-Blacks, if not in its constructive development, at least in its application and teaching, it will be far more effective and will reach a larger audience. In seminaries, if Black Theology relied on Black professors alone to teach it, hardly any future minister would graduate having read even James Cone, let alone any other Black theologian.

Black Liberation Theology has not erased the boundaries of particular religious identities. Further historical factors such as the majority of people of African Descent in the West being Christian contribute to the reality that Black Liberation Theology has been a primarily Christian discourse. This is understandable, but it will forever limit the scope and effectiveness of Black Theology of Liberation. This project is not calling for Black Liberation Theology to downplay its Christianity, or to necessarily to become an “interfaith theology,” but if it is to make a serious effort at becoming a movement that works for the liberation of people of diverse faith backgrounds, it will need to do more than “be in conversation” with other traditions.

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