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Книга Biolinguistics: Exploring the Biology of Language Biolinguistics: Exploring the Biology of Language Книги Иностранные языки Автор: Lyle Jenkins Год издания: 2001 Формат: pdf Издат.:Cambridge collage Press Страниц: 278 Размер: 1,9 ISBN: 0521003911 Язык: Английский0 (голосов: zero) Оценка:This booklet investigates the character of human language and its significance for the examine of the brain. It asks what language is from a organic perspective and what the relative contribution of nature and nurture is while a baby learns his or her language. eventually it asks how human language developed and considers the similarities and changes among human language and animal communique structures. Uniquely, it argues that genetic or organic endowment performs a extra significant position within the aquisition of language than guideline, studying, or cultural determinants.

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Can John come? versus *Came John? (Chomsky, 1957; Jenkins, 1972). Bobaljik cites work by Håkansson suggesting that Swedish children make the distinction during a certain stage of language learning, after which it is lost (Håkansson, 1989). Thus we have a syntactic parallel to the phonetic r–l example just discussed. Moreover, Bobaljik reviews work by Hackl on German-speaking aphasics, in which the subjects exhibit a distinction between main verbs and modal verbs/auxiliaries, even though the distinction is lacking in the speech of adult German speakers (Hackl, 1995).

1. ” Much less is known about physical mechanisms and evolution of language (questions [4] and [5]); but again, there are a number of approaches that show promise of eventually shedding light on these areas as well. Hence, parts of these areas also pose “problems” for us. 13 As Chomsky remarks, there is a positive aspect to “limits” on cognitive capacity: Note, incidentally, how misleading it would be to speak simply of “limitations” in human science-forming capacity. Limits no doubt exist, but they derive from the same source as our ability to construct rich cognitive systems on the basis of limited evidence in the first place.

Or one can inject new ideas into the idealization of reality, like Wilson’s ideas of scaling, and obtain a rich harvest of new results. We should like a general conceptual understanding of why there are phase transitions, and this, for the moment, escapes us. (p. 124) These examples suggest that, as we approach the study of the mind/brain, we should not let the intuitive familiarity of the linguistic data lull us into thinking that the problems will become any less hard: “Scientists know how hard it is to understand simple phenomena like the boiling or freezing of water, and they are not too astonished to find that many questions related to the human mind (or the functioning of the brain) are for the time being beyond our understanding” (Ruelle, 1991:11).

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