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However, no button functions until its form has code for handling the button’s click event. ) The Cancel button is the simplest control: it must dismiss the form without doing anything else. To add a cancel action to a Cancel button, double-click the button from within the Form Designer to display its code in the Code window. This creates a new subroutine called cmdCancel_Click: The Code window with code for a Cancel button The following code, if applied to a Cancel button, instructs the form to be dismissed when the button is clicked: Chapter 4: Creating user-interfaces for macros 45 Private Sub cmdCancel_Click() Unload Me End Sub If you continue by setting the form’s Cancel property to True, you’ll find that when the user presses Escape, the cmdCancel_Click event is triggered and the code you’ve provided unloads the form.

2 Choose Macros from the Commands list box. The list displays the fully qualified names of all of the public, parameter-free subs from all of the installed project (GMS) files. 3 Select a macro in the Command list. 4 Click the Appearance tab. 5 Type the caption in the Caption box. To associate with a caption an accelerator key that can be activated in combination with the Alt key, type an ampersand (&) in front of the character in the caption that you want to set as the accelerator. This accelerator key applies only to menu commands, which display accelerator characters with an underscore ( _ ).

SelectShapesFromRectangle x1, y1, x2, y2, False The following parameters for the GetUserArea function are coded into this example: • In the variables x1, y1, x2, and y2, the position of the area is returned as two opposite corners of a rectangle. Chapter 4: Creating user-interfaces for macros 49 • In the parameter shift, the combination of the Shift, Ctrl, and Alt keys that the user holds down when clicking the mouse is returned. The Shift, Ctrl, and Alt keys are assigned values of 1, 2, and 4 (respectively); these values are added together before being returned.

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