By Pierre Miquel

Книга по истории Европы, описывает период с 1450 по 1550 гг.
Содержит большое число иллюстраций по культуре и быту европейцев в эпоху великих географических открытий.

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The Chamberlain. Here they 15 P. 97': l~b'>''1~E •••• dVTIU. On ekplexis cf. this writer, J AOS, LXII (1942), 289, where the antecedents are discussed. IS Cf. Theophanes Continuatus, ed. I. Bekker (Bonn, 1838), pp. 95-99. 67 This is the translation given of 9520 by Bury, English Hi8torical Review, XXIV (1909),298. H. Gregoire, in Vasiliev, Byzance, p. 417, suggests a different interpretation of the passage. The date of the embassy which went to see alMa>mlln in Damascus most likely was 831-32. 28 MEDIEVAL ISLAM saw many porticoes and a sight so marvellous to behold that they imagined the Caliph himself must be present, whereby fear and awe entered into them; but they were told that here was only the Chamberlain.

1071); trans. from manuscript by G. Le Strange, JRAS, 1897, pp. 38-39, 41-42. Another report, also from al-lJatlb, in G. Salmon, L'/ntroduction topographique a l'histoire de Bagdad de ... ai-Khatib al-Bagdadi (Paris, 1904), text, pp. , pp. 131-41. ) Somewhat earlier, Ibn al-Mu'tazz (d. 908), Diwlin (Cairo, 1891), I, 138 (=ed. C. ; vss. 255-59, on p. id (892-902). MEDIEVAL ISLAM 30 I lifted my head, and behold! the man whom just before I had seen sitting on a moderately elevated seat had now changed his raiment and was sitting on the level of the ceiling.

56 "Why then do you call him a prophet and a messenger of God, who was but a voluptuary, defiled to the very core, a brigand, a profligate, a murderer and a' robber? Tell me, pray, what do you mean by prophecy and by apostle! God knows you would not be able to tell had you not been taught by the Christian! 0 you unblushingly shameless creature ! You allege that ol\,'YWPW; Gass, op. , p. " 5. , pp. 137-38.

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