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Quoted in Jessica Guynn, “Making Gaming Pay Off,” San Francisco Chronicle, July 23, 2006, p. F-1. Parents seem satisfied. Lesli Baker, the mother of an 11-yearold Quest to Learn student, says her son struggled in other public schools, mostly because the child suffers from attention deficit disorder, a learning disability that makes the boy hyperactive, impulsive, and unable at times to concentrate. According to Baker, the games seem to hold his attention better than his teachers have. “It’s a great match for him,” Baker says.

64 ers learn how to create and manipulate shapes and has been — Patricia Greenfield, given high marks by educators for teaching the principles of director of the Children’s physics. In another class, art students learn the techniques of Digital Media Center at design through a game titled Gamestar Mechanic. In another the University of California at Los Angeles. classroom, students play a game that enables them to assume roles as location scouts for mock TV reality shows—by playing the game, the students must research different climate zones and create maps.

45 self-esteem. ”47 professor Laura Walker. MMORPGs: The Most Addictive Games Both Woolley and Ruya were addicted to what are known as “massively multiplayer online role-playing games” or MMORPGs. In these games, which include EverQuest and World of Warcraft, thousands of players who are connected through the Internet participate at the same time, sharing in the fantasies of playing roles in make-believe worlds. These games provide them with a sense of belonging to a community, although in this case it is a virtual community.

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