By Prabhakar S. Naidu and M.P. Mathew (Eds.)

Whilst a few helpful details is hidden at the back of a mass of undesirable details we regularly inn to info processing utilized in its large feel or particularly to sign processing whilst the priceless info is a waveform. In geophysical surveys, specifically in aeromagnetic and gravity surveys, from the measured box it is usually tricky to assert a lot approximately anybody particular objective except it really is just about the skin and good remoted from the remaining.

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56)). 13. Random interface separating two media of uniform density (magnetization). The gravity (magnetic) field may be related to the interface, considered here as a homogeneous random surface. where S~0 (u, v) is equal to the spectrum of the potential field at z = 0 level and S~(u, v, h) is the spectrum of the potential at z = h level. It is interesting to note that given the spectrum of any one component we can deduce the spectrum of other components. 61) We can compute the cross-spectrums between different components using Eq.

1. e. 1b) OZ2 where O(x,y,z) stands for density or magnetization depending upon whether 4~ stand for gravity or magnetic potential, cb(x,y,z) on account of Eq. 1) has certain very useful properties particularly in source-free space such as the atmosphere where most measurements are made. Some of these properties are: (i) given the potential field over any plane we can compute the field at almost all points in the space by analytic continuation; (ii) the points where the field cannot be computed are the so-called singular points.

Y0. z0) The Fourier transform of Punobs(XO,Yo,Zo) is a separable function of the type, P1 (u, v)f(z0) exp(sz0) wheref(z0) is any periodic function with integer number of periods within the vertical extent of the source layer. The implication of this observation is that in any 3D modelling, any amount of unobservable component may be appended to the model without affecting the observed field. 8. The prism is just below the surface. The observation plane is h units above the surface into free space.

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