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Illuminating Leviticus: A Study of Its Laws and Institutions in the Light of Biblical Narratives

The starting place of legislation within the Hebrew Bible has lengthy been the topic of scholarly debate. till lately, the historico-critical methodologies of the academy have yielded unsatisfactory conclusions in regards to the resource of those legislation that are woven via biblical narratives. during this unique and provocative examine, Calum Carmichael -- a number one pupil of biblical legislations and rhetoric -- means that Hebrew legislations was once encouraged by way of the research of the narratives in Genesis via 2 Kings.

Israel's Prophetic Tradition: Essays in Honour of Peter R. Ackroyd

This winning quantity of essays via distinctive students not just makes a contribution to the examine of outdated testomony prophets but in addition summarizes scholarship in a fashion quite applicable to scholars, giving entry to fabric to be had in a different way simply in different languages or in journals tricky to acquire.

Mitzvoth ethics and the Jewish Bible: the end of Old Testament theology

Ratheiser's research offers the framework for a non-confessional, mitzvoth ethics-centered and historical-philological method of the Jewish bible and offers with the elemental steps of another paradigmatic standpoint at the biblical textual content. the writer seeks to demostrate the ineptness of confessional and ahistorical techniques to the Jewish bible.

Rhetorical Criticism: Context, Method, and the Book of Jonah

Introduces a fashion of examining and reading biblical literature

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It gathers in all the information from the physical and psychological realms and focuses it into readable images. Thus you remember scenes with sounds and smells, recall telephone numbers, set out the elements of a problem to be solved, replay or rehearse a situation that has been or is to be enacted. It is a reflector of what cannot be seen directly of the psyche or body. It is a personal mental read-out screen for a working scientist, and the inner projection room for an artist. Yesod hovers, a fragile ephemeral structure held in equilibrium on the lowest rung of consciousness.

This can be taken many ways, but in this case it is like the analogue of a seed. Within the tough dense kernel of a chestnut resides not just one possible new tree, but a whole forest of generations. Another meaning is that within the thickest of matters is spirit; imprisoned, I TREE OF LIFE 50 yes, but present and always ready for the reascent back to the Absolute. This is Malcut, the lowest of the Sephiroth yet the most loaded with potential. In man, within the vehicle of his physical body, is the possibility of rapid development.

Embedded in it we lose sight of it. As our bodies are composed of it, we forget it is a temporary form through which the four elemental states pass. At death the physical mould is broken and the elements disperse, each to its level in the planet. Malcut is die Bride, the great Terrestrial Mother recognised by all civilisations, be they agricultural or industrial. Gaea, the Greek Earth Mother, was the great provider and nourisher. Without her, men, animals and plants could not live, and she must be wooed and husbanded for raw material and food.

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